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It is proven that, if your site doesn't load in 3s, you are bound to lose 40% of your visitors. And in most e-commerce websites, static files such as CSS, JavaScript and images makes up 80 percent of the page size. That means the most straightforward way to speed up a website is to increase the speed of static files delivery.

CDN is here to help!


CDN (Content Delivery Networks) are a group of servers distributed around the world with a single objective – to server static files quickly and reliably.

The problem with normal web servers is that they are not created with the intention to deliver static files fast quickly. Even worse, the time they use to serve a file fluctuates.

CDN is created to solve the issues. Speed-wise, it’s able to deliver files up to 7 times faster compared to normal web servers. If it takes a normal server 2s to serve a 100KB file, it’ll normally just take 300ms for a CDN server to do so. They also keep the speed consistently, so that the files are constantly delivered at predictable and reliable speed.


nopCommerce CDN Enabler does one thing – changing all the URLs of static resources to use Content Delivery Networks (CDNs). That means, all the requests of static resources such as images, JavaScripts and CSS Stylesheets are off-loaded to CDN servers.

Using CDN servers has several benefits.

Your server can focus on running nopCommerce, ASP.Net and / or SQL Server. Servings of static resources are off-loaded to CDN servers.

CDN servers are spreaded across the globe. So no matter where your visitors are, CDN servers make sure they are serving the requests using the nearest servers to reduce network latency.

CDN servers come with tons of optimization features such as caching and compression. In other words, CDN servers do all the necessary to ensure the static resources are served efficiently.

The end results? Faster loading time for static resources, and thus speedier website overall! Tested on more than 10 projects, we have consistently achieved 50% increase in speed! (Results may vary from site to site)


Install in Minutes

No-fuss installation. Also comes with full documentation and tutorials.

Up to 50% speed up

Speed up nopCommerce website loading time by up to 50%.

Premium Support

Premium support, plus free upgrade! Both for life.

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