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nopCommerce Themes & Templates

Our beautiful nopCommerce themes help you setup your online store with ease, empowering you with the ability to rapidly create your e-commerce store and run it with confidence. We want you to focus on the selling, so we created our templates following industry best practices. Need feature-rich responsive nopCommerce themes that install within minutes and work across desktops, tablets and mobile devices? Want to focus on running your business with the solid support of nopCommerce experts? You've come to the right place! Check out all themes!

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Hierarchical Product Url (with Category Breadcrum in the URL) in nopCommerce

I've received many requests lately asking for a blog post to explain how to (or whether it's possible to) achieve hierarchical URL for products in nopCommerce. What is hierarchical URL anyway? The default implementation of product URL in nopCommerce is by constructing an SEO slug based on the product title, and use the SEO slug as the URL. So if you have a product named "my fancy product", the SEO slug would be my-fancy-product; and the actual URL would then be
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Hosting nopCommerce on Windows Azure Web Sites with Automatic Source Control Deployment

Before I start, just want to let you know that Pro nopCommerce is now hosted on Windows Azure Web Sites. The thing I like about Windows Azure Web Sites is its seemless deployment process. As I am a heavy user of BitBucket, I hosts all of my codes on it, including the codes for Pro nopCommerce. And the good thing about Windows Azure Web Sites is that it can link to various code hosting platform, including BitBucket. By linking Azure Web Sites with my code repository on BitBucket, I can then setu
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