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How e-Commerce Can Win Customers and Make Profit

nopCommerce is a great way to get started cheaply and easily with your online retail route. But merely getting your nopCommerce stores up and running is not good enough, even with a beautiful nopCommerce theme. You need to win customers and make profit!

nopCommerce Stores Win Customers and Make Profit

Every successful e-commerce business has one thing in common: happy customers. But how each business interacts with their customers is unique. In 3 years, the annual revenue for online retail will hit $370 billion. How a business passively or actively engages with their customers will determine how big a piece of the pie they'll take.

For e-commerce businesses, customer satisfaction is becoming more and more paramount to good reputation, success, and revenue. Here are 3 e-commerce best practices to engage your customers and increase conversions.

Spread the love

A study done by Forrester Research found that word of mouth accounts for 80 percent of all purchasing funnels. Linking to social media websites such as Twitter and Facebook spreads this word of mouth and connects people to your business at the click of a button, increasing sales, traffic, and awareness.

Keep in mind that every visitor to your website is not just a potential customer - they're also a potential promoter.

PS:/ Check out our Pay with a Tweet - nopCommerce Social Sharing Discount Plugin which can help you supercharge your store's social sharing.

Give a Gift

Giving a gift or something free builds customer loyalty and brand reputation- not to mention, it increases profits. Customers that are given something free are more likely to make a purchase.

Discounts no longer have the same impact as they once did, and so excite the customer less. Besides that, a gift is far more personal than a discount. It implies a personal connection between the customer and your business, creating loyalty and a positive experience the customer will always remember.

So, on top of offering discounts, try to find a way to engage with your customers with special gifts that could trigger their buying decision!

Ask For Feedback

Value, appreciate, and utilize what your customers have to say about your website. Insights into your customer's experience coupled with other analytics such as sales, site traffic, and page views give your business good indicators as to what works and what doesn't work. Building off of customer feedback also keeps your business improving alongside customer demands and opinions.

Repeat customers spend 300 percent more than new customers. So getting feedback from your customers not only improves their shopping experience, but increases profit for your business.

There are a few tools out there (such as Yotpo) that helps your store acquire social reviews. If used properly, they can help increase your online store's credibility and trusts!

Don't Ignore the Customer Experience

Studies suggest that 70 percent of purchases and buying experiences are based on how a customer feels they are being treated. The way a business engages with their customers is a reflection of a company's values and brand, so while there may be no universal approach to customer satisfaction, it is always important to keep your customers happy. In fact, when a customer is satisfied, they'll tell 9 other people, but if dissatisfied, they'll tell 22 other people!


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