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A Sweet, Feminine and Dreamy nopCommerce Theme

NopDreamy - Responsive nopCommerce Theme

Responsive Theme

NopDreamy is a responsive nopCommerce theme developed using Bootstrap framework. It supports all range of platforms (browsers, tablets and mobile devices) with different widths/resolutions, saving you a lot of time and costs required to build a native mobile app / mobile theme for your store.
NopDreamy nopCommerce Theme - Product Box Quick View

Products Quick Views

NopDreamy offers product quick view feature out-of-the-box, without the need of any plugin. When triggered, a modal popup is launched showing a subset of the product details page. This feature can be disabled / enabled easily.
NopDreamy Responsive  nopCommerce Theme - Product Photo Zoom

Product Image Zooming

NopDreamy also offers interactive image zooming function on product details page. Users simply hover on the image to view a zoomed-in version. Again, no plugin needed and the feature can be turned on / off easily.
NopDreamy Responsive nopCommerce Theme - Slide-out menu & mini shopping cart

Slide-out Mini Shopping Cart

Frustrated that the original fly-out shopping cart doesn't work on touch devices? We have designed the all-new slide-out mini shopping cart that works on desktops, tablets and smartphones.
NopDreamy Responsive  nopCommerce Theme - Homepage Brands Slider

Homepage Brands Slider

NopDreamy offers brands slider on homepage. When enabled, NopDreamy will automatically showcase all your store manufacturers in the slider. Again, no plugin is needed!
Note: Brands slider feature is replaced with TOPIC starting from nopCommerce 4.00. Detailed instruction on populating slider content is included in theme package.
Right to Left

RTL (Right-To-Left) Support

Starting nopCommerce 3.80, NopDreamy offers RTL (Right-To-Left) support. Enable RTL function at backend, your theme will automatically work perfectly in right-to-left manner.
NopDreamy Responsive  nopCommerce Theme - Multiple Designs

Multiple Designs

There are three different designs / layouts available in NopDreamy. Design can be easily configured at backend.
Single domain license for each purchase. If you wish to use this theme on multiple domains, please Click here for multi domain version.
Versions Supported
4.30, 4.20, 4.10, 4.00, 3.90, 3.80
Three (3) years free upgrade from the date of purchase
Free one (1) year e-mail supports
Ease of Installation
It is plug-and-play. Upload or FTP theme folder into your nopCommerce "themes" folder, set it as your store theme and it works! No need for any other plugins or dependencies. Easy peasy!
Fully Customizable
Full source code (all .cshtml, .css and .js files) included for your ease of customization.
Full Documentation
A complete documentation is included in theme folder to help you quickly get started with the theme.
Domain License
This theme supports multiple domains. If opted, buy once and you can use the same theme on unlimited websites. Suitable for developers / solution providers.

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