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NopLite nopCommerce Responsive Theme Updated to 3.50

With the announcement of nopCommerce 3.50, we are glad to announce the availability of our popular NopLite - Responsive nopCommerce Theme.

NopLite Responsive nopCommerce Theme available in version 3.50

And the good news is, we did not just upgrade it to 3.50, there is also a couple of features upgrades in the 3.50 version.

What's New in NopLite?

  • Latest version of Bootstrap - Bootstrap is a fast-changing tool, and we have updated NopLite to use Bootstrap v3.3.1
  • Clean up - We've also taken some time to clean up the theme itself, which improves the already-clean NopLite source code. The results? Dead simple customizations!
  • Layout tweaks - You probably won't notice this one if you did not look closely. But we have also tweaked the layout to make it look nicer across multiple platforms.

More to come...

We'll continue to upgrade other themes as well, stay tuned!

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