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Pay with a Tweet - nopCommerce Social Sharing Discount Plugin

Pay with a Tweet is an nopCommerce discount plugin that allows the customers to get discount by sharing a message on their social networks (Facebook, Twitter or Google+). By using this plugin, you can provide discounts to your customers in exchange of social mentions.

Main Features

Discount Plugin

The plugin is a discount plugin. It is fully integrated with nopCommerce's discount requirement rules.
The actual payment mechanism is powered by PAY WITH A TWEET.

Get Discount by Social Sharing

Upon clicking the appropriate link, customers will be redirected to Pay with a Tweet to share messages on their social networks. If the process is successful, they'll be redirected back to your store and start enjoying discount.
An account on Pay with a Tweet is required. After registration, take note of the Public Key and Secret Key provided by Pay with a Tweet.

Want to see how Pay With A Tweet Discount Plugin works in real life?

Try downloading the Super Modal plugin and you'll go through the whole process of claiming the plugin for free! The actual mechanism is powered by this Pay With A Tweet Discount Plugin.
Version Supported 3.30
Supports Free e-mail supports

Choose The One That Fits Your Business Needs

Pay with a Tweet - nopCommerce 3.30
Get this if your store runs on nopCommerce 3.30