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Blog posts tagged with 'seo optimizer'

nopCommerce Speed Optimization for SEO

I've recently asked by many of you how to make nopCommerce optimized in terms of loading speed.

The reason why so many people are concerned about page loading speed is because

  1. Users can get distracted if a page is not loaded fast enough
  2. Google has placed much importance on page loading speed in the SEO ranking factors

To answer the question once and for all, I have prepared a free e-book for you all who are interested in the topic of nopCommerce speed optimization.

nopCommerce SEO Pitfalls and How To Solve Them - Part 1

nopCommerce is a superb e-commerce platform, there's no doubt about it. But one thing that it doesn't perform that well is in the area of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). And guess what? You can invest as many dollars as you like on social media or PPC (pay-per-click), but in the long term you are going to rely heavily on SEO to do the trick for you. SEO is not someting you can afford to miss.

nopCommerce SEO, nopCommerce Search Engine Optimization

This article serves as the starter of a series documenting various nopCommerce SEO problems and how you can tackle them to enjoy an SEO-friendly webstore. First of all, let's begin with something simple: Meta Description tag.

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