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Blog posts tagged with 'tips and tricks'

Debugging nopCommerce - Common nopCommerce Exceptions and Their Fixes

Being an nopCommerce MVP (AKA nopmvp) myself, if often see people asking, repeatedly, about the similar questions. These questions are related to nopCommerce / C# exceptions, and can actually be solved relatively easilly if you know what the error messages mean. Unfortunately, many developers are not trained to properly read C# and ASP.Net exceptions and make sense of them.

So, in this blog post, I'll try to lay out a few common exceptions that nopCommerce developers face, and provide insight on each of them.

Creating nopCommerce Database Backup Programmatically Using C#

Being a nopCommerce programmer, have you ever encountered a situation where you need to take over an existing nopCommerce projects from other developers but are not provided with enough information? I have!

Recently, I am working on a project on nopCommerce customization that put me in hot water. The client has only provided FTP access to compiled files - no source code, no database backups, no RDP access, no nothing!

Because the project is an already-customized version of nopCommerce 3.40, I am faced with the following issue:

  1. No source code means I can't check what has been customized
  2. No database backups means that I can't even infer the customization from database
  3. The database is fire-walled. That means even if I can get the Connection String from Settings.txt, I can't connect to it using Microsoft Sql Server Management Studio

Creating nopCommerce Database Backup Programmatically Using C#

Although the project was only involving theme development & theme customization, the challenge is big enough to have stopped my team from normal development for a few hours.

We needed a solution to solve [1], [2] and [3]. And the solution? Programmatic generation of nopCommerce SQL Server database backup using C#!

Hello, welcome to pro nopCommerce!

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