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Setting Up NopWired Free nopCommerce Theme

You probably know that Pro nopCommerce has released a free nopCommerce theme, NopWired, weeks ago. I am grateful that this free theme has been downloaded by many Pro nopCommerce supporters all around the world since then (and has obtained a lot of nice reviews from the folks).

NopWired theme has a very simple and sleek design with some great features to mess around with, especially on the Homepage itself. As you can view the theme on the demo site, the homepage is made up of many beautiful pictures and links. It is worth to note that, all these sections are highly customizable for your own stores. So, here I am going to write a simple tutorial to explain the setup procedure of this beautiful NopWired homepage.

After installing and running NopWired on your stores, please don't get shocked by your store's first sight. As the homepage of NopWired theme is made up of various Topics blocks, you won't get anything if you don't setup those content on your store. On first deployment of NopWired, you'll see something similar as the picture below (you probably see a different picture in the slider).

NopWired - Free nopCommerce Theme

Setting Up Topic Blocks

To populate all featured Homepage sections as shown on the demo site, you'll need to have six Topics blocks in total. Go to Admin > Content Management > Topics (Pages) > Add new Topic. There are all six Topics blocks that you would need: Promo1, Promo2, Promo3, Promo4, Brands, HomePageText. Basically, you need to upload images to these topic blocks.

The position of all Topics content is as illustrated in the following image together with the reference dimension that is being applied on the current demo site. Note that the height of Promo1 and Promo2 is affected by the height of NivoSlider on their left, so you have to make the necessary adjustment.

Sample dimension for NopWired free nopCommerce theme

Flexible and Customizable Free nopCommerce Theme

As explained earlier, this NopWired theme is highly customizable. There is no fixed dimension for all these Topics blocks. However, in order to achieve a nice and well-balanced look, the total width of all content shouldn't exceed the boundary of 960px. Therefore, you are free to have different content with the dimension of your choice in the respective Topics content. Of course, there is not strict rule for you to have all six Topics content as well. For example, you can ignore Promo3, Promo4 and Brands altogether.

In short, play around with the Topic blocks to achieve the best layout that suit your store. If you have not already done so, you may download NopWired nopCommerce theme for free.

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