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NopMarket Responsive nopCommerce Theme Giveaway

NopMarket - responsive nopCommerce theme suitable for marketplace, computer store, electronics store and home appliances store

It has been a while since we last launched a new theme. We are extremely happy to launch NopMarket, our third premium nopCommerce theme that is suitable for marketplace, computer store, electronics store and home appliances store.

And to celebrate the successful launch, we are giving away 5 free copies of NopMarket. It's easy to participate:

Launching of nopLite nopCommerce Responsive Theme and Giveaway

We are proud to introduce NopLite, a new nopCommerce responsive theme we've spent many hours to develop!

For those who are familiar with our existing NopWired free nopCommerce theme, this is also a similar general purpose theme that you can just install quickly and start selling any kind of products! Totally pain free!

Curious of how it looks and run? Click this link for a full demo of NopLite responsive theme.

NopLite currently supports nopCommerce 3.20 and nopCommerce 3.10. If you want it in older versions, please do not hesitate to let us know in the comment. We'll consider it if there's enough requests.

To celebrate the launch of this theme, we are giving away 8 copies of the theme to 8 lucky winners! Below is the steps to win yourself a copy of NopLite.

Setting Up NopWired Free nopCommerce Theme

You probably know that Pro nopCommerce has released a free nopCommerce theme, NopWired, weeks ago. I am grateful that this free theme has been downloaded by many Pro nopCommerce supporters all around the world since then (and has obtained a lot of nice reviews from the folks).

NopWired theme has a very simple and sleek design with some great features to mess around with, especially on the Homepage itself. As you can view the theme on the demo site, the homepage is made up of many beautiful pictures and links. It is worth to note that, all these sections are highly customizable for your own stores. So, here I am going to write a simple tutorial to explain the setup procedure of this beautiful NopWired homepage.

After installing and running NopWired on your stores, please don't get shocked by your store's first sight. As the homepage of NopWired theme is made up of various Topics blocks, you won't get anything if you don't setup those content on your store. On first deployment of NopWired, you'll see something similar as the picture below (you probably see a different picture in the slider).

NopWired - Free nopCommerce Theme

Displaying Log In Box at the Home Page (or Any Other Pages)

There's a post in nopCommerce forums that asks about how can one have a log in box at the home page. Through a series of replies, I've successfully helped the poster solve her problem with some easy customizations. But it seems like some other forumers are still not clear about how to achieve this, so I am writing this blog post to detail the exact steps in achieving this. After this, you'll be able to place the login box in just about any pages while still keeping the same box in the login page. Here's a screenshot of the box added to the home page.

Example of Login box placed at home page

Ready to go? Fire up your Visual Studio and start following! (Note: I am using nopCommerce 2.80 as an example, but it should be generally applicable to other 2.XX versions of nopCommerce)

Creating an nopCommerce Theme the Definitive Guide

As a world-class shopping cart, nopCommerce has a very flexible MVC-based theming system. nopCommerce themes are made up of a collection of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), JavaScripts (JS), images and other resources. Creating a basic theme in nopCommerce is nothing more than supplying your own CSS to change the color, width, height, and other basic user interface (UI) display elements.

If you haven’t done that already, please download a copy of nopCommerce source code package from its CodePlex project page (this posts is explained using nopCommerce 2.80, but the general principles should apply to other nopCommerce 2.XX versions). Extract the files to a desired folder and open NopCommerce.sln in Visual Studio. In the Solution Explorer in Visual Studio, you can see that a complete, beautiful default theme – Default Clean – has already been created for you (the original theme prior to nopCommerce 2.80 is Dark Orange).

nopCommerce DefaultClean theme

As we can see from the image, a theme named DefaultClean is included under the Themes folder. Now, Rebuild the whole solution, Start the website (CTRL + F5) in Visual Studio and you’ll see a beautiful default theme of nopCommerce. Your entire e-commerce website is built in less than 10 minutes. Pretty cool huh!

Hello, welcome to pro nopCommerce!

I am Woon Cherk, an nop mvp; and this blog is the place where I share my experiences developing nopCommerce themes and nopCommerce plugins. I also give out free nopCommerce plugins and free nopCommerce themes from time to time, make sure you subscribe to our e-mail newsletter to get updates and freebies! Click here to read more about me.